Dog Walking

Walking a dog seems very easy. But the real truth is that all dogs need daily exercise in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy. The problem that many pet owners experience is their schedule doesn’t allow for routine walks throughout the day and evening. For our care team, dog walking is our specialty. We simply love walking dogs. We can provide your pet the benefits of good exercise and fresh air that will keep them fit and happy. Our dog walking members can come to your home and take them on 30-45-60 minute walks. Our service is excellent for owners who love their animals but have busy lifestyles but still desire the best care for their pets.

Walk With Us

We feel the most important question that many owners ask is whether or not their dog will be comfortable with someone new walking them. Our experience walkers are great at establishing a bond based on our attentiveness and training. They take into account the body language, behavior and age to create a connection between both walker and your dog. Contact our walking specialist for more information on how we can care for your dog.

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Doggy Walky Day Care has been offering in-home dog walking and pet sitting for dogs and drop-in services for dogs since 2009. We make it easy for you to begin the caring process for your pet.

Schedule Consultation

A schedule initial consultation can be held at your home. This will allow us to meet your family understand your pet’s needs.

Selection of Right Walker or Caretaker For Your Pet

Every member of our team has been hand-reviewed and approved by the Doggy Walky. Walkers who offer house sitting have also completed a general background check.

Meet and Greet

Meet the member of our staff that is entrusted to care for your pet before you book. If you would like to schedule a home consultation or book one of our services, please call us direct at (973)-489-2230 (for NJ) or 201-704-0987 (for Florida) or please fill out the following quick booking form.

Daily Walk

  • One Dog – $25 small/medium; $27 large
  • Two Dogs – $27-30 small/medium; $35 large

Occasional Walk

  • One Dog – $30 small/medium; $35-40 large
  • Two Dogs – $35 small/medium; $45 large

Prices for a 20-25 Minute Walk

Daily Visits

  • One Dog – $30 per visit (Feeding and Walking)


Our Requirements

We Require our pet owners to pride the following doumentation for their pets:

  1. Veterinarian Conatct Information
  2. Print out of their latest shots
  3. Emergency Contact Information (Name, Phone,, Email)

We'd love to hear from you!  Pick whichever method works best for you.

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